LEAGUE tables showing how well Worcestershire schools ranked in GCSEs and A levels have been released.

All South Worcestershire's schools achieved the government's basic standard of no fewer than 40 per cent of pupils achieving five or more GCSEs at A*-C including English and maths.

Ranked number one in the local authority was The King's School Worcester, with 98 per cent of its 129 pupils achieving five A*-C grades including English and maths.

Headteacher Tim Keyes said: "It's great news.

"For us the starting point of academic success is confidence, self-esteem and good relationships.

"The development of the person comes first.

"Our teachers are very skillful and this is encouraging for them and our pupils."

Among the comprehensive schools that did well was The Chantry High School in Martley which was ranked ninth with 76 per cent of its 140 pupils achieving the five A*-C with English and maths standard.

Headteacher Andy Dickenson said: "We are delighted with how well our pupils performed.

"It reflects on both the individual pupil’s hard work and on the consistent hard efforts of our dedicated staff.

"Not only are our pupils performing well on headline measures, such as five A* -C, but disadvantaged pupils for whom we receive ‘pupil premium’ funding are doing better too."

Also pleased was Alun Williams, head of Nunnery Wood High School, although he warned against looking at league tables in isolation.

Mr Williams said: "We were very pleased with our results. Our students did very well.

"However, we should take league tables with a pinch of salt.

"They don't tell you everything about a school. They tell you one narrow thing."

The results do not all give the full picture either because schools which take different exams showed up on the table as achieving 0 per cent even if pupils did well.

Andy Rattue, head of RGS Worcester, said: "RGS does iGCSEs for English literature and all three sciences so for technical reasons we will show 0 per cent even though we made it onto the Daily Telegraph's top 100 best schools for the percentage of A* and A grades."

The school said 99 per cent of its pupils achieved five A* to C grades including English and maths.

For A levels, Malvern College was top compared to others in the local authority while The Chase in Malvern was ranked seventh.