A MISSING dog returned home in time for Christmas after he was found wandering around 15 miles from his home.

Spot the border collie went missing from a care farm in Sandlin, near Leigh Sinton, on Saturday, December 7.

Facing a Christmas without the animal, his relieved owners received a call on Saturday, December 21, saying he had been sighted in Westhide, Herefordshire.

And when they turned up, they found the four-year-old longhaired dog ambling along the road.

Nigel Hooper, Spot’s owner, said: “We took him to the vets when we found him and he had a high temperature and he was underweight and was limping but his temperature had gone down now and he’s got to go back to the vets for more check ups.”

He said that it was not known what the fully-trained working dog was up to while he was missing but there was a chance he was stolen.

“There’s a possibility he was stolen and he got away but we’re not 100 per cent sure.

When I spoke to Worcestershire County Council to tell them he had gone missing and where from, they said that’s what it sounded it.

“Everybody missed him and not just us because we look after people with learning disabilities and they missed him too.”

Spot was having to be fed little and often to return his weight back to normal but was said to be happy to be home for the festivities and should make a full recovery.