THESE two horses rescued from a field in Malvern last month need new names – and Malvern Gazette readers have been asked to come up with them.

The pair were among three mares and one colt taken to Penny Ha’Penny Horse and Rescue Centre near Leigh Sinton – but owner Sue Penny said their care is stretching the charity’s tight budget.

Finances will be stretched further as one of the mares is expected to foal in April and the other two could also be pregnant.

Mrs Penny received calls from worried residents who found a colt collapsed in a field near Sling Lane which later died.

After the rescue, the RSPCA signed over a colt named Taboo and a mare which she has named Lady as well as a Welsh pony and Shetland miniature pony which readers will have the chance to name.

Mrs Penny, aged 57, cares for 119 horses on two fields she rents and estimates the annual cost of caring for them to be £18,0000-20,000.

She said: “Our finances are stretched, I have had the house remortgaged twice and I have taken on a job running two taxi firms.

“After the article about the rescue we had a few donations which we are very, very grateful for.

“I have my critics who say I should put them down because they are old or never going to be ridden but you wouldn’t do that to the family dog. As long as the horse is healthy and happy they should be kept going.”

The as yet unnamed Shetland miniature pony, thought to be about two years old, is described by Mrs Penny as quite devious and very friendly.

The horse, which is fluffy and grey with brown spots on its face, is also known for breaking food buckets by picking it up with her teeth and tossing it.

Also grey, the Welsh pony is still a bit nervous and is not very trusting, preferring its own company.

Thought to be about 15 years old, she is pregnant and expected to foal in April.

People can enter by writing to Malvern Gazette Name A Horse competition, Hylton Road, Worcester, WR2 5JX including name, address and contact number and making it clear which horse (Shetland pony/Welsh pony) the name is for.

Alternatively, e-mail catherine.phillips@ midlands.newsquest. with the subject line Name A Horse and the same information.

A shortlist of suggestions will be given to Sue Penny who will choose the two winners.

Entries will be accepted until Monday, March 25 at 10am.

Donations can be made via the Penny Ha’Penny Rescue Centre’s Facebook page or by cheque to Penny Ha’Penny Horse Rescue, 37 Knapp Way, Malvern, WR14 1SG.