LAUNCHING a new business in the current economic climate is a challenge, but for a young mum from Worcestershire it was child’s play – literally.

Mother of three Amanda Wilding from the village of Leigh, near Bransford, has set up a website full of gift ideas for kids.

For several years Mrs Wilding had been wanting to combine work and family life without much success.

The idea for Heybear came about one day when she was looking for new toys for her children and found herself hunting through numerous websites.

She said: “As a mum, I understand how valuable time is and sometimes internet shopping, although we use it to save time, can also turn out to be time consuming when switching from one website to another or trawling through hundreds of different products on Amazon or Ebay.

“Hopefully Heybear will provide an enjoyable shopping experience with lots of fun gift ideas all under one roof.

“We have spent a lot of time choosing great gift ideas at affordable prices with input from all the family on product choices.”

Heybear stocks a range of products for children aged up to 10 including kids wall stickers, laptop skins, soft toys, money boxes, stationary, watches and height charts. The online store also stocks a selection of gift ideas for older brothers and sisters.

Mrs Wilding is in the process of creating a family of teddy bears exclusive to Heybear, the first bear appearing in the next few weeks being Max Heybear.