Milos Karadaglic: solo guitar

Malvern Theatres, February 24 2012.

Milos Karadaglic, guitarist, captivated his packed out audience as he showed off the beauty and variety of sound which could emanate from his instrument when in the hands of such a brilliant young performer.

Beginning boldly with Grand Solo for Guitar by Fernando Sor, its rather melancholy opening soon gave way to a dramatic exhibition of pyrotechnics as Milos demonstrated technical virtuosity amid a spectrum of dynamics.

In Bach’s Prelude & Fugue from Suite for Lute in C minor the prelude was played crisply and the fugal subjects were clearly heard as they were passed from one part to another.

Much of Milos’s programme was derived from the spirit of Flamenco and exuded excitement and colour.

Villa-Lobos featured with four contrasting pieces, among them a recurring melody set against throbbing, brandishing glides and decorations and an expressive sultry waltz.

Asturias by Albeniz evoked the atmosphere of Spain, technically very demanding and accomplished superbly by Milos.

By the same composer Granada, its mesmerising melody nostalgic and smouldering, and Sevilla, a Spanish dance with accents reminiscent of hitting castanets, embellished elaborately, as Milos wove filigree around the main theme.

In conclusion, Koyunbaba by Domeniconi, a piece of changing character, the finale, frenetic.

Jill Hopkins.