A PENSIONER  has questioned why police chose not to rescue him from a ditch but rescued a sheep. 

David Bladon, aged 76, who got stuck in a ditch in Malvern and was told to 'phone a friend' says he wonders what we pay for if the force is not willing to help someone in a time of need. 

Mr Bladon said at 10.43am on October 31 he was inspecting what work had been done near his property in Guarlford Road. 

He said: "I walked past the end of the Green Dragon's car park.

"About 60 metres further on I stumbled and fell into a thicket with some long grass and brambles.

Malvern Gazette: DITCH: Where David Bladon fell in an area off Guarlford Road, MalvernDITCH: Where David Bladon fell in an area off Guarlford Road, Malvern (Image: Google Street View)

"I was bleeding (from the scratches)."

Mr Bladon said he struggled for 10 to 15 minutes but couldn't get back up. 

"I phoned 999, they asked me what service did I want," he said. 

"I said 'I don't really know'. 

"They put me through to the police. After ascertaining I hadn't broken any bones, and nor was I having a heart attack or stroke, he said there was nothing he could do.

Malvern Gazette: HELP: David Bladon fell into a ditchHELP: David Bladon fell into a ditch (Image: David Bladon)

"I was quite flabbergasted when they said that."

"He suggested I phone a friend to come and help me."

Mr Bladon said his friends in the area are in their 90s so couldn't help and the person he called was two hours away walking the Malvern Hills with his wife. 

"Then I remembered the Green Dragon Pub and phoned them," he said.

"Luckily the chef owner Mark answered the phone and I asked him if he could help an old man  - he responded very quickly and soon pulled me onto my feet.

"I thank him for coming out.

Malvern Gazette: HELP: Staff at the Green Dragon pub helped David out the ditchHELP: Staff at the Green Dragon pub helped David out the ditch (Image: Google)

"An hour later I had a phone call from the police asking if I still needed assistance."

Asked what he would have done if the pub couldn't help Mr Bladon said he "wouldn't have let it go further". 

"I would have called 999 again and said I had broken a bone to get someone to come out," he said.

Malvern Gazette: CALL HANDLER: Police call handlerCALL HANDLER: Police call handler (Image: PA)

"It is ridiculous I would have had to lie."

Mr Bladon got in touch with the Gazette after seeing our story that PCSO Kevin Tudge rescued a sheep that became stuck in a hedge on Saturday, (November 4). 

"It seems livestock are more important than human beings," Mr Bladon said. 

"Helping people is what police should be doing - that is what we pay them for."

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: "After conducting a risk assessment the call handler advised the man to contact the ambulance service, or a friend or family member, for assistance. 

"West Mercia Police, along with all police forces nationally, use the ‘Right Care, Right Person’ approach.  This national partnership agreement helps to ensure health incidents are dealt with by the most appropriate agency, ensuring patients receive the best possible care."

The spokesperson added Mr Bladon was told to call the ambulance service directly, and not transferred, to free up a line for its call handler to take other emergency calls.