A MALVERN police officer rescued a sheep stuck in a hedge after reports of a herd being in the road.

The officers were called to a report of sheep in the road earlier this morning. PCSO Kevin Tudge rescued one of the sheep that became stuck in a hedge.

The officers at the scene safely returned the sheep to the farmer, who was able to secure the field, but officers could not resist making some sheep-filled puns.

They said: "They tried to pull the wool over our eyes by hiding in the bushes but they could not fleece us.

"Ewe would not believe how tricky it was to catch them, but after PCSO Tudge rescued one from being stuck in a hedge (heroes come in all sheep’s and sizes), they were all returned safely to their field.

"Once the farmer herd of our rescue and that we had all abandoned sheep, he secured the field.

"Nothing like a few sheep thrills to start off a shift."