A cafe and sunbed shop is collecting unopened toiletries for a local women’s refuge.

Sunbeans, in Malvern Link, is collecting throughout March and says anyone is welcome to pop into the shop with a donation.

Michelle Jenkins said the shop is proud to be owned and run by women, so wanted to do something positive to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The global awareness day takes place annually on March 8 and recognises the achievements of women, as well as shining a light on the steps society still needs to take towards equality.

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“We are collecting because we want to do something to help other people,” said Michelle. “And you never know when you are going to be in the same situation.”

The cafe, which opened nearly a year ago in Richmond Road, has had enthusiastic support from its customers.

“One lady even came here straight from Boots with a bag full of toiletries,” said Claire Dockerill.

Sunbeams also runs a bra bank that raises awareness of the charity Against Breast Cancer and sees unwanted bras sent to African countries including Togo and Kenya, where bras are expensive to produce.

“If we can help people in any way then we will,” said Claire. “And our customers are so supportive - we’ve already boxed up three lots to send off.”

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Since opening, Sunbeans has built up a number of regular customers for both its sunbeds and cafe, and has now opened up an extra space where activities can be hosted.

Regular activities taking place at Sunbeans include coffee and crafting, as well as tarot, cake and coffee.

“Supporting other small businesses is really important to us,” said Claire. “You see a lot starting up, but some don’t last very long so we have to help each other.

“All of our coffee, for example, comes from James Gourmet Coffee in Ross-on-Wye, which is brilliant.”