Police have been patrolling a common speeding location in Malvern following increasing cases in the area.

Malvern cops shared on Twitter that they were monitoring speed in Upper Welland Road this morning

The tweet was shared this morning on social media by the Malvern Cops account.

The news comes after seven speeding tickets were issued to drivers last week when police were performing checks in Pendock, Hanley Swan and in Hanley Road.

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Out of 400 vehicles checked on Thursday, April 21, seven drivers were issued with tickets for exceeding the speed limit of 30mph. 

Several drivers were also given a verbal advisory. 

On Wednesday, April 20, police carried out an operation in the town supported by Malvern Hills District Council, the DVSA and HMRC.

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In total, they handed out 12 speeding tickets and carried out "enforcement" action against 10 more drivers for other offences.