THE December General Election is looming, and with just a few weeks to go, the Malvern Gazette is featuring all of the candidates as we lead up to polling day on December 12.

The first candidate we are profiling is Harriett Baldwin, Conservative party PPC for West Worcestershire and the constituency's most recent MP.

Mrs Baldwin has served as MP for West Worcestershire since 2010 and is defending one of the largest majorities in the country.

Last time out, she gained more than 34,000 votes, double the number achieved by the second placed candidate, Labour's Samantha Charles.

In government, Mrs Baldwin served as minister of state for Africa and international development, as well as several minor positions.

She said: "Every day when i am out knocking on doors I hear people say we need to just get Brexit done.

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"Even people who did not vote for it are saying that to me.

"People say to me they will vote Conservative because we can get Brexit done.

"There are lots of people who feel they cannot vote for Jeremy Corbyn and so turnout will be interesting at this election.

"I have spoken to people who did vote for the Conservatives but are going to vote Lib Dem, but there are also people who feel the same way with Labour.

"People are voting for parties that they normally wouldn't vote for."

On her record as MP, she said: "Since I was first elected we have built six new flood defence schemes around the area including the one in Upton and I am very proud of that record.

"The economy has grown 20 per cent and our carbon emissions are down which shows we can have clean, green growth and increased renewables.

"I am proud of our economic track record - there are a record number of jobs and more people are taking home more of the cash they earn."

The number of people using foodbanks in the Malvern Hills district has risen by 50 per cent, and Mrs Baldwin said: "People have always gone through relationship breakdowns and severe illnesses and gone without but the foodbank is now there as a response.

"We all want to work towards a world where people do not need to use the foodbank."