A General Election is coming, and here are the four candidates who have so far announced they will be standing next month.

Harriett Baldwin - Conservative

Harriett Baldwin has been the MP for West Worcestershire since 2010, and is defending one of the largest majorities in the country.

Last time out, she gained more than 34,000 votes, double the number achieved by the second placed candidate, Labour's Samantha Charles.

In government, Mrs Baldwin served as minister of state for Africa and international development, as well as several minor positions.

2017 Result: 34,703 votes

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Samantha Charles - Labour

Samantha Charles returns as Labour's candidate in West Worcestershire after also standing in 2017, when she increased Labour's vote share by 10 per cent.

A Malvern resident, she worked in the NHS for more than 20 years as a midwife and is now a sexual offences forensic medical examiner.

She is also a district and town councillor.

In the 2017 election, Mrs Charles gained 13,375, an increase of almost double the result from 2015.

2017 Result: 13,375

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Beverley Nielsen - Liberal Democrats

Beverley Nielsen is replacing Edward McMillan Scott as the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for West Worcestershire and is a Malvern native, having been born in the town.

Her background lies in business, having worked as a policy advisor for the CBI, researching the issue of non-tariff trade barriers in Europe.

She is also a district councillor for Malvern Hills, holding the portfolio title for economic development and tourism.

The Lib Dems gained just over 5,000 votes in the 2017 General Election, finishing third behind the Conservatives and Labour.

2017 Result: 5,307

Martin Allen - Green Party

Martin Allen is the Green Party's choice for the 2019 election, replacing Natalie McVey, who stood in 2017.

Mr Allen is a former member of the Royal Navy and is a veteran of the Falklands War.

He is also a district councillor and one of the authority's armed forces champions.

The Green Party's vote share decreased in 2017 to 1,605 down from 3,505 in 2015.

2017 Result: 1,605

The Brexit Party was due to stand Christina Simmonds in West Worcestershire, but she stood down following party leader Nigel Farage's announcement that they would not stand in Conservative held seats.