Did you know that you're more likely to break down when it's hot?

There is poised to be a 20 per cent increase in car breakdowns as temperatures hit a balmy 26c to 27c today.

One car in every five seconds is set to be a non-starter or broken down at the side of the road.

The figure comes from breakdown service Green Flag, which predicts that up to 60,000 car breakdowns will take place over the next few days.

This equates to one car breaking down every five seconds, which is a 20 per cent increase on breakdowns over the same period last year.

So how do you stop this from happening?

  • Make sure your car radiator is full of coolant and that it has the correct mix of antifreeze and water, or it could overheat.
  • Make sure your coolant is not passed its sell-by date as it will cause more harm than good
  • Turn off air-con when driving at slower speeds below 50mph. Engines have to work harder to pump out cool air
  • Don't overload your car because it will need to work harder and use more fuel
  • Carry drinking water in your car so you do not dehydrate if you do break down

Claire Hildreth at Green Flag said: “With it being the first time in 2018 we have a few days of continuous hot weather predicted and unsurprisingly people will be taking to the roads to make the most of the sun.

"However, the nature of breakdons change quite noticeably in the heat, so preparing for your journey is essential. Hot weather puts several crucial components in vehicles through a severe work out.

"More people on the road means more traffic jams, and more cars that might not be prepared to be stationary in the hot sun.

"We're advising people to get their car serviced, check their engine oil, check their water, coolant, pump up their tyres and ensure they have their screen wash topped up.

"We also advise carrying plenty of drinking water in the car in case people break down."