Millie Milward‏ (@MillieMilward).

Think it’s great for the club. Consistency is important.

Jon‏ (@BigdaddaJon).

Up there with one of our best signings in the last few years. Calm and reflective and clearly cares about players and club. Good job.

Sixways Gold & Blue‏ (@SixwaysGnB).

Superb news.

Neil Clifton‏ (@NeilClifton).

Great news. I have been very impressed with AS. I think it adds stability for the squad. I suspect Rory Duncan will take over before AS contract is up.

Christopher Daplyn‏ (@ChrisDaplyn).

I’m okay with it.

Tom Reeves‏ (@theproducertom).

Consistency is nice. I’d personally just like a clearer picture of how they are realistically going to climb the table year on year.

Pete Austin‏ (@PeteAustin_).

Surely stability is the key, so it’s good news. But next season will be brutal. Most competitive Prem ever & we’ve lost a lot of big players.

Anthony Butterworth‏ (@goodlife_wr5).

I'd have let him have next season but taking a step back. I would love to see Rory Duncan be given the reins if he stays.

Jake Davies‏ (@BridgnorthBaloo).

To be honest I am not a fan, would loved to have had a great year next year and the reins passed on to Duncan. But stability is a good thing and would be happy to be wrong!

Luke‏ (@LukeMoo23).

Some much-needed stability! I can’t wait to see the team progress even further under his leadership.

David Baker‏ (@DaveBaker99).

Excellent news. Hope he gets the full financial backing from the board and we pay up to the salary cap.

Ian‏ (@ian19897939).

You can only build with stability. Excellent news.

Martyn Pattinson‏ (@Bigchap27).

We’ve needed stability for a while. It also says a lot that he wants to commit in this way to the club.

#RugbyWorcs‏ (@RugbyWorcs).

He’s been very good for the club. Really pleased he’s staying on board. If any supporter gets an opportunity to speak to him about the game or club please take it. Thoroughly nice man and exceptionally knowledgeable!

Alex James.

Wasn’t impressed when Solly was first appointed but he’s done nothing but impress me since. Really glad the man is staying on.

Robert Peter Taylor.

Agree with positive points but how much can he or anyone achieve when we seem to struggle to compete with pretty much the rest of the league financially.

Jay Brazier.

Let’s give him some backing and add depth and quality to the squad!

Stuart Leng.

I’m happy with this as long as Rory stays with him. In my view, he has earned the extension with improved performances last year, and excellent cup runs. He has got to improve our away record though to avoid the bottom two.

Wendy Finch.

Great news – stability and consistency at last.