UPTON won medals at the British Masters Championships in Nottingham.

Julian and Tabitha Scrivener narrowly missed out on the championship mixed masters C doubles final.

Stuart Edney and Debbie Thompson got through to the championship mixed masters A/B doubles final on appeal after being hit by a boat but failed to make the medals.

In the non-championship women’s masters D-F pairs, Maggie Jamison and Liz Elston finished first by five seconds ahead of Star Club, Putney Town, Bradford and Dart Totnes.

The championship women’s masters F double of Jo Hammett and Linda Scott narrowly missed out the final by just over a second.

The championship mixed masters C quad of the Scriveners, Edney and Thompson claimed silver behind Strathclyde but ahead of Bradford and Derwent.

In the championship women’s masters E quads, Scott, Pippa Riddle, Trish Scorer and Hammett did not qualify for their final.

The Scriveners claimed another silver in the championship mixed masters D doubles behind Exeter but ahead of Hexham/Talkin Tarn, Lakeland, Bradford and Bewl Bridge.

The women’s pair of Jamison and Elston started the next day off well with second place in the championship masters F pairs sandwiched between two crews from Weybridge.

Upton men’s double of Lance Hollis and Chris Horne took third place in their non-championship masters D-F.

The most exciting race for Upton was by the women’s E quad of Scott, Riddle, Scorer and Hammett in the non-championship women’s masters D-F, winning by 0.19 seconds from Broxbourne.

Hammett and Scott were second in the women’s D-F non-championship event behind North Staffs but ahead of Trentham, Twickenham and Sudbury.