Scouts 1st Upton emerged victorious at the British Pedal Car Championship despite only having one wet day's practice.

This win at Evesham VeloPark last Sunday marks the team's first race after buying a used pedal car back in March 2024, which they renovated with the help of dedicated volunteers.

On the race day, the scouts started at the back of the grid but quickly advanced to second place.

Making the most of a rival team's crash on a tight corner, when the race restarted the team seized the lead, showing their determination, perseverance and teamwork to claim the chequered flag.

The team is now eager to refine their car, as they aim to compete across a whole championship.

Following their success, Scouts 1st Upton is looking out for volunteers to support their continuous developments and ensure, that not only the pedal car race activities but all other opportunities scout offers, stay accessible to the local youth.

If you are interested you can get in touch through 07774 667074, or