Age UK Herefordshire and Worcestershire has recently hosted a visit from four members of England's World Cup winning walking football team.

The players travelled to take part in one of the charity's walking football sessions, which was recently officially registered as 'Worcestershire Walking Football Club' with the Worcestershire FA.

This is the first such affiliation for an Age UK Walking Football group.


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The visiting players, who had travelled considerable distances to be there, also brought along their World Cup trophy, along with a World Cup medal.

The attendees had the chance to interact with the players and even get to pose for photographs with the trophy.

The session included a competitive 11-a-side match, a testament to the ever-growing popularity and sense of community that the group has managed to nurture over a short span of time.

The event was led by the captain of the England team, Steve Crilley, who was all praise for the spirit of the Age UK H&W group.

He said: "You saw the camaraderie today between the players, it was absolutely brilliant.

"The football was unbelievable, and in particular one chap who was 84, still being able to come out, play football and have the same banter as when you’re 18 is brilliant.

"It was a really good event".

One of the group's volunteers, Terry Holland, said: "It has been an absolute joy meeting and playing walking football.

"The privilege of taking part and sharing the game at this stage of our lives does so much for us all, physically and mentally.

"It’s the highlight of the week."

People interested in taking up walking football can find more information on the Age UK H&W website ( or get in touch with their referral hub on 0800 008 6077.

Age UK H&W set up the walking football programme in efforts to create opportunities for seniors to partake in physical activity and build a sense of camaraderie amongst peers.