WORCESTERSHIRE Golf Club celebrated Captain's Day in fine style with an action-packed weekend.

Andy Richardson (nine) won the Yellow Tee Stableford on Friday with a good score of 39 points.

He was closely followed by Martin Teale (10) 38 points and David Marshall (+one) with a score of 37.

The main competition on Saturday with over 150 competitors produced good but not outstanding scoring against the C.S.S. of 35 points.

In division one, Geoff Fox (eight) led with 39 points from Graham Chatterton (12), 38 and Keith McLaughlin (12), 37. In division two, Martin Dowe (36) points, Paul Meakin (13), 35, and Ben Wickett (14), 35.

In division three, Michael Morris (19) 37 points, Peter Bellamy (25), 36, and John Smith (19), 36.

The Best Gross prize was won by Andy Dunster (five) with 31 points and the best Junior was Sam Watts (28) with top score of the day, 40.