WORCESTERSHIRE’S Blackfinch New Road home has finally emerged for the first time following the flooding over the past month and the effects of the water have been devastating.

The images reveal the current state of the pitch which was under the River Severn for 71 days during the winter and still has a fair amount of standing water remaining.

The club have arranged to play their opening County Championship Division Two home match against Sussex from April 25 at Kidderminster’s Chester Road which the club hopes will be the only game they will have to play away from headquarters.

The next scheduled home encounter at Blackfinch New Road is set to be from May 15 when they take on Middlesex.

Worcestershire’s chairman Fanos Hira told BBC Sport at the end of February: “We hope it’s only one game that we’ll have to play at Kidderminster.

“The main problem is that the water is higher than we’ve previously seen. There will be significant repair costs.

“We would still prefer to play games here (at Blackfinch New Road) if we can.

"Our Championship gates were severely impacted by the move last summer.

"But if we can’t then we want to play at Kidderminster.

“We’ve just signed an extended contract with them to be our second home.

"They’ve done a brilliant job for us.”