LEE Harman won Malvern Anglers' fur and feather match on a cold but bright morning at Broadheath Fisheries.

On the Willow and Old pools with an influx of cold, coloured water from overnight heavy rain, big catches from the previously-prolific venue were not expected this time.

One of the lucky ones pegged on the Old pool was Harman who landed a carp of nearly 15lb on a light pole tackle.

Together with smaller carp he set a winning weight of 36lb 8oz.   In a nearby peg Mike Clueley got three carp of more than 7lb to finish second with 22-10 but lost three others that might have won the match for him.

Leading the weights on Willow pool, Steve Warren caught small carp of about 1lb each to finish third with 13-15.

Ian Goddard managed 11-7, Colin Shaw 5-2, Nigel Bayliss 4-12, Chris Loveridge 4-4, Mick Perks 4-2, Ken Yates 1-3 and John Shaw 1-0.