MALVERN'S girls competed at their first touch rugby tournament.

The squad of 16 was split up into two teams to face five other clubs at Stratford.

While up against tough competition both sides built strong defensive platforms to make it difficult for experienced sides.

In attack Malvern were slightly muted initially but started to really get going and score some fine tries.

The girls showed impressive skills but also the potential to be a real powerhouse in girls' touch rugby.

Malvern coach Chloe Ebbon said: "In five weeks we have taken girls from little rugby experience into a tournament where we showed some really exciting talent.

"Lily Dewhurst and Zoe Wilding won team player awards but ultimately it was down to the whole team effort to produce a performance that we can really build on."

Sarah Kane, who has been involved in building Malvern's girls' rugby, said: "At Malvern we have created an opportunity where all girls from six years old to 18 can come and be part of a team playing touch rugby.

"Every Sunday we have over 30 girls playing competitive sport, making new friends, learning skills and creating a real team and club ethic.

"Many parents do not consider rugby for their girls but we have created a safe, exciting environment for all girls to come and give it a try."

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