AN initiative to serve up more sessions for visually impaired tennis players is proving a smashing success in Malvern.

The fortnightly sessions are indoors at Manor Park on Monday evenings as part of Herefordshire and Worcestershire LTA’s efforts to grow the game.

The visually impaired version is played on a smaller court with a lower net.

An audible ball is used so players can hear it and depending on level of sight are allowed up to three bounces before returning.

Droitwich Tennis Club’s Neil Bates, who is H&W’s lead co-ordinator for disability tennis in the two counties and organises the sessions with Dan Pycock, is encouraging more players to get involved.

“Tennis is such a fantastic game and everyone gets such a lot out of it — from the playing of the game to the social side of regularly meeting up and having fun,” said Bates.

“The Malvern visually impaired group continues to develop with sessions taking place every two weeks on a Monday evening.

“Supported by the county and volunteer led, everyone who started in the summer had never played at all and are absolutely loving the game and continue to improve.”

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