MALVERN Buzzards' Lynda Broadway, Mike Anstey and Sarah Lane tackled the Snowdonia Marathon.

Broadway finished in five hours 19 minutes 44 seconds, Anstey 5.24.17 and Lane 5.40.49 in rainy conditions.

Broadway and Anstey are fundraising for Community Action Nepal as they soon will be running a marathon on Mount Everest. Donations can be made to

Three Buzzards ran the Stroud Half Marathon on a chilly but sunny morning.

Lucy Bennett-Poole clocked 1.39.05, Wesley Ogden 1.46.21 and Alice Dyson a personal best of 1.54.19.

Paul Childs and Andy Dickenson went to Italy for the Venice Marathon, completing it in 3.17.00 and 3.43.18 respectively

Malvern Vegan Runners' Diane Wynne was first woman for the second consecutive year at the Forest of Dean Nightmare 10 Mile Race in 1.32.

The race comprised of three laps of 3.33 miles and totalled 1,600 feet of climbs.

Wynne also completed a warm-up and then final celebratory cool-down lap.

Malvern runners from various clubs were scheduled to run the Halloween 10k, a charity fundraising race, at Cob House, Wichenford, but it had to be cancelled due to flooding on the route.