THE seniors' popular Race to Bransford was concluded in far from ideal conditions but it did not stop Alan Cockill from finishing the campaign in the most convincing of ways.

The competition, run for many years by Mike Kemp, was introduced to give the regular Friday roll-ups a more competitive edge.

Players are given points for their placings each week which are carried forward to the final day.

To qualify members play in a set number of events with those falling short going into the competition of the day.

Cockill won with 43.3 despite soggy conditions underfoot and nearest challenger Gerry Rebbeck got 39.7.

Gerry McCurry scored 38.9, Mike Davidge 38.7, Roger Steade 37 and Colin Weedon 36.9.

The competition of the day was won by Mike Weaver with 34 from Bob Lane on 32 and Ken Jones on 31.

Several players started the seniors' winter league well, especially Martin Linley who won Division One with eight pars.

Linley (20 handicap) performed well with the course heavy underfoot and playing quite long in the colder temperatures.

He scored 40 ahead of Peter Anthony (11) on 37, Alan Ford (10) on 36, Trevor Atkinson (15) on 35 and Keith Edgell and Rebbeck on 34.

A couple of pars assisted Andrew Jarvis (23) in claiming top spot in Division two as he amassed 39 points from John Burston (21) on 38 and Charlie Hawkridge (26) on 36.

Dave Lindsay (23) got 36 and John Phillips and McCurry 33.

A point also separated the top two in Division Three which was won by Steade (31) on 36 to 35 by Steve Littlewood (31).

Brian Curnock (28) managed 32 for third with Rob Lawrence (28) fourth on 32 followed by Colin Weedon, Arthur Yarnold and Brian Taylor on 31.

The club’s Norman Taylor Trophy was won by Joe King (23) with five pars.

King scored 43 points, Neil Pask 40, Ian Pritchard (11), Noah Wilson (46), Mitchell Fowles (13) and Andrew Kennedy (11) 38 and Dave Lewis (8) 36.

The finals day stableford of the four-club winter league was hosted by Bransford on fairways sodden by plenty of rainfall.

Bransford, who had the handicap of each player losing two shots as hosts, trailed in fourth with Wharton Park again victorious on 349 points.

Little Lakes scored 343 and The Staffordshire 333.