A SUNDAY league football match was abandoned after a team's manager who saw red for accusing the referee of “ruining the game” refused to leave the field.

PT Eagles looked on course for victory in McDonald’s Worcester and District Football League Division One as they led Malvern Vale 3-1 at Perdiswell Leisure Centre.

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But referee Martin Fletcher abandoned the match in the second half when Vale boss Jamie Tummey returned to the dugout despite having been previously sent off.

The manager was dismissed for swearing at the match official after a goal had been chalked off due to a second ball coming into play.

Tummey said he left the “pitch area” but then came back to help “defuse” a scuffle between “a few players”.

After being approached by Fletcher, Tummey stood his ground, insisting “I’m not going, it’s a public field”.

The match was then called off by Fletcher but Tummey has defended his actions.

“The ref sent me off after 55 minutes for saying to him ‘you’re a f****** clown and ruining the game’ after disallowing a clear goal because a ball from a pitch next door came onto ours and was nowhere near affecting the goal we scored which would have put us 2-1 up,” Tummey said.

“I left the pitch area as asked by the ref.

“Seventy minutes in a scuffle between a few players from both teams broke out so I came over from where I was and helped defuse it which one of PT’s managers thanked me for.

“The ref then marched over and said why are you still here after clearly watching me help diffuse that.

“I said ‘I’m not going, it’s a public field and I have just helped out with that and your issue is once again with me’.

“Without any discussion he blew his whistle and said the game is abandoned.

“It’s a shame as it was a good game of football, played in good spirit by both teams until he sent me away and everyone’s head went down from then on.”

Paul Smith, who jointly runs PT Eagles with Ian Barnett, felt the referee made the right call to abandon the clash.

“If I was the manager that got a red card I would have gone away,” Smith said.

“He should have watched it from a distance but ended up back where he started on the sidelines.

“Right towards the end there was a bad tackle on one of our players.

“He remonstrated a bit and I think that’s when the ref noticed that he was back on.”

On Tummey’s dismissal, Smith said: “A loose ball came from another game onto the pitch, almost exactly where the other ball was.

“The referee blew his whistle and they were upset about that. That’s when their manager called the referee a f****** clown.”

Tummey claimed the match was called off on 70 minutes whereas Smith said there were only seven minutes left and expected to secure the three points.

“We should get the points as it was 3-1 and quite late in the game,” Smith added.

Wayne Hanson, honorary secretary for the league, said he was awaiting reports from all parties.

“I understand there was an incident which involved the manager being dismissed which ultimately led to the abandonment,” Hanson added.

“I am waiting for reports. Once I receive those the league management committee will review the matter and determine whether the game needs to be replayed or the result which I believe was in favour of PT Eagles at the time stands.”