RIDERS of all ages enjoyed the Ledbury Flyer motorcycle grasstrack racing meet.

Despite a week of rain, conditions were just about ideal for the final event of 2019.

Held on a new circuit at the regular Sparrington Farm venue in Pencombe, near Bromyard, 60 races entertained the crowd.

The entry list included three recently-crowned British youth champions in Archie Rolph, Max Perry and Cameron Taylor.

Rolph and Perry recorded unbeaten and maximum-points scoring performances in their respective auto cadets and juniors classes.

Taylor was second overall in the intermediates.

The Ledbury meet catered for solo and sidecar machines. There was also plenty of local interest with several earning podium places.

In the cadets class young Jacob Phillips, of Malvern, took victory as did Stourport competitor Rob Fortune in the GT140.

Ledbury’s Martin Williams finished runner-up in the main 500cc solo event, a feat copied by Neil Taylor, of Tewkesbury, in the 350cc solos.


Auto Cadets: 1 Archie Rolph 2 Oliver Bovingdon 3 Archie Whitelam; Cadets: 1 Jacob Phillips 2 Kayden Murphy; Juniors: 1 Max Perry 2 Thomas Vining 3 Corey Stainer; Intermediates: 1 Mickie Simpson 2 Cameron Taylor 3 George Pardoe; 250cc Solo: 1 Luke Harris 2 Chad Wirtzfeld 3 Graham Thomas; 350cc Solo: 1 Mark Giles 2 Neil Taylor 3 Barry Powell; 500cc Solo: 1 Charley Powell 2 Martin Williams 3 Daniel Winterton; Pre-75 Solo: 1 Dave Hammond 2 Kenny Blain 3 Martin Adams; Upright Solo: 1 Tim Curnock 2 Mike Dowling 3 Mark Taylor; GT140: 1 Rob Fortune 2 Lester Denham 3 Glyn Stanton; 500cc Sidecars: 1 Shaun Hughes/Louis Bennett 2 Scott Dunn/Tom Smith 3 Phil Rowlands/Tom Rowlands; Old and New Sidecars: 1 Mark Courtney/Leon Torres 2 Paul Nelson/Lewis Wharton 3 Brian Hatch/Lewis Wharton; 1000cc Sidecars: 1 Tom Cossar/Carl Pugh 2 Neal Owen/Jason Farwell 3 Simon Heal.