THREE Malvern Joggers took part in the Two Tunnels event in Bath.

It featured the longest underground sections of any running race in the United Kingdom.

The five-kilometre race was completed by Barbara Gawlak in 25 minutes 31 seconds and Ian Fuller in 28.47.

Neil Warne did the 10k in 43.39 and Fuller in 54.55.

Fuller finished the half marathon in two hours 44 minutes 40 seconds.

Mikey Bolton did the Race The Train over 14 miles of multi-terrain in Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales, in 2.35.39 behind the train in 1.48.

Dave Green and Aislyn Firth were in the Lake District at the Breca Buttermere Sprint with a 15.5km run and 3.3km swim.

As a mixed team they finished 14th in 2.00.14.