THE vice-chairman of a club denied promotion to Malvern Town's new league reckons rivals "would prefer" to be facing more local sides. 

Moreton Rangers vice-chairman Martin Jones hinted at a future league change after the Hellenic League Division Two (West) champions were denied promotion One (West).

The FA denied Moreton the chance to go up despite wanting to extend the undersubscribed 14-team league which stretched its footprint for Malvern, Hereford Lads Club, Wellington and Pegasus Juniors to make up the numbers.

Clubs from most leagues at Moreton’s level need to apply to go up but Jones said that could not happen due to the Hellenic League’s third tier not being a formal part of the FA’s National League System.

“The problem is we are not in step seven,” said Jones.

“The Hellenic’s two Division Two leagues are technically reserve leagues.

“Once they have promoted and relegated everyone, we can go to the FA if they still have holes. We would not be promoted, the term is elevated.

“The league supported our application but Division One (West) has been filled with teams from the West Midlands (Regional) League."

He continued: “They have taken Wellington, which is near Wales, into the league compared to us on the doorstep.

"I am sure the other clubs are looking at it and thinking ‘we would prefer to go to Moreton’. That’s not going to be the case this year.

“It is disappointing, especially for the players who have worked hard and want to play at a higher level but you have to accept the FA’s decision and move on."

Manager Nick Timms was less diplomatic in a Twitter thread.

"The FA had the chance to promote us and Bourton Rovers to Division One, which is still two teams short, (and) both would definitely compete at that level.

"We have done (everything) asked of us only to be denied by the powers that be so what is the point?

"Why can’t common sense prevail? All the hard work for nothing."