BRANSFORD seniors’ new captain Andy Falconer made a relatively successful start to his year in office.

On drive-in day he drilled his tee shot right down the middle of the fairway although his team did lose the traditional seasonal-opener 12-9 to the past captain’s team led by Dave Miller in a match played to the Ryder Cup format.

However, his first club match in the summer calendar did produce a 5-1 win at Burghill Valley.

The seniors held their first medal of the summer season which produced a win for Alan Cockill in a reduced entry list due to the wet weather.

Cockill scored 92 gross 20 handicap 71 nett to triumph ahead of Alan Ford on 81-9=72, Martin Linley on 93-20=73, Graham Wilks on 92-17=74 and Bill Bowen on 100-22=78.

The club’s April medal was won by Adrian Lewis (25 handicap) with 93 gross on countback from Harry Chadwick (1) with 69.

Steve Collins scored 81-9=72, Steve Thompson 84-12=72, Rob Richards 85-11=74 and Marshall Smart 96-21=75.

Scores, senior captain’s team first, singles: Falconer and Miller halved, McGrath and M Holmes halved, Ford lost to Holbrow, Wild lost to T Atkinson, Blake won against Steele, Davidge and Ghani halved, Wilks won against Atkins, Dyment won against Parry, Weaver lost to Cale, Spencer won against Aston, J Atkinson won against Benge, Cockill and Edgell halved.

Pairs better-ball: Sheldon and Edlin lost to Jarvis and Hayden, Lee and Ryall lost to Linley and Bowen, Kemp and Weeden lost to Perkins and C Holmes, H Godwin and Phillips lost to Jones and Randle, Lane and Brighton lost to Lawrence and Steade, Clark and Tuck won against Harrison and Eastham, Hendry and Littlewood lost to Rowberry and Griffin, Lamb and Wallcroft lost to Mayo and Bettsworth, Hawkridge and White won against Knowles and Curnock.

Bransford scores v Burghill Valley: Falconer (26) and Rob Blake (15) won 1 up; Harry Godwin (22) and Dave Wild (14) won 5 and 3; Gordon White (27) and Mike Weaver (18) won 1 up; John Phillips (22) and Mike Davidge (16) won 5 and 4; Peter Harrison (25) and Roger Clark (25) lost 2 and 1; Alan Wallcroft (25) and Lee Dyment (18) won 3 and 1.