A MAN has been arrested for crashing into an innocent driver on his way back from a jolly in Worcester.

Police say the man was unfit to be driving after consuming drink and drugs earlier today.

BTP Gloucestershire Worcestershire & Herefordshire tweeted: "Doesn’t bode well unfortunately for #PubsReopening 1 male arrested for being unfit through drink/drugs in #Worcester following collision with another innocent driver. It’s going to be a long shift."

Police have issued a warning to all pub-goers this weekend to stay safe and sensible whilst out this weekend.

Assistant Chief Constable for Local Policing, Rachel Jones, said: “We are all looking forward to a little more freedom from this weekend and we hope this is enjoyed safely with everyone remembering the restrictions that are still in place.

"We would ask people to be calm and sensible. Look after yourself, look after your family. We are still in a global pandemic which continues to affect local communities.”