DURING lockdown, a series of fun initiatives were started to keep people entertained and lift spirits during these difficult times.

From rainbows and teddybears in windows to clapping for the NHS, families across the county have been doing their bit to keep morale up.

Back in March, children across the county began to decorate their windows with rainbows to keep spirits up during lockdown.

The idea was for children and their families to place the pictures in their windows and then walk around their neighbourhoods to see if they could find others.

Mikey Govier, aged 6, added his rainbow to his window in Sunnyside Road. His mum Gemma Govier said there were several in the street and it was “lovely to see.”.

It all began with a mum from Ipswich, Crystal Stanley. The 31-year-old said: “It was only meant to be in Ipswich and now it has gone across the country, my phone has not stopped going off.

“I came across the idea on Facebook, it was from someone in America I think, it gave me the inspiration and I thought ‘let’s see if we can do that here’.

“Originally it was just for children but now all ages are getting involved, I have even been contacted by a care home that have been doing it.”

At the schools and nurseries looking after the children of keyworkers, the teachers encouraged the pupils to create giant rainbows in the playground or playing fields.

While some schools engaged their attending pupils in creating PPE for the NHS and other keyworkers, providing invaluable support for frontline staff.

The idea for teddybears in windows came from a Worcester mum and NHS worker who called herself ‘Mama Bear.’

She said: “I wanted to raise a smile and a wave for everyone in the area of any age as we all know a bear can be a friend to anyone.”

'Mama Bear' started a group on Facebook called Worcestershire Bear Hunt with the idea of spreading smiles while socially distancing and more than 500 people joined the group.

Meanwhile, groups of friends and families across the county stayed connected during the lockdown.

One such group was the University of Worcester’s equestrian society, who held Zoom quizzes to raise money for different charities.

Member of the group Isobel Lines, 19, hosted the quizzes as part of her Miss England charity work, raising money for good causes including the NHS and Beauty With a Purpose, which supports disadvantaged children worldwide.

She also hosted a ‘Battle of the Game Shows’ quiz to raise money for suicide prevention charity Papyrus.

In April, Royal Mail asked Worcester families to show their support for posties by giving them a thumbs up from two metres away.

A spokesman said: “The initiative is a simple way for the public to say thanks and stay connected with their local postmen and women, while respecting the Government’s social distancing rules.

“Giving a thumbs up is also a handy reminder not to reach out to try and take parcels direct from postmen and women to ensure contact free delivery.”

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