While the country was suffering worsening infection and death rates from Covid-19 it seemed inappropriate to comment on the delays, backtracking, missteps and arbitrary target setting from Mr Johnson and the Tory government. In an unprecedented situation some things, particularly the financial measures, have been right. However, our record on infection and death rates is alarming however you do international comparisons. Our government has dithered all too often; late lockdown, loose talk about herd immunity, little quarantine of visitors, ending track and trace (March 12h) and the abandonment of the care sector are but part of the litany of errors. Perhaps worst of all is the complacency demonstrated by Mr Johnson in his Sunday evening address to the nation. He appeared to announce that most people should return to work the next day. Mr Raab had to contradict him the next morning. Guidance for employers was published that afternoon less than 48 hours before many workplaces opened. Workers were advised not to use public transport, which anyway was in short supply. I agree that we should be getting the economy working again, but cautiously and with proper planning and, above all, adequate notice and safety advice. Mr Johnson’s support of Mr Cummings, who seems to be subject to different rules to the rest of us, is further evidence of his poor judgement.' Anna Coda Peterchurch