REDDITCH residents have voiced their frustration after facing long queues to recycle their waste.

The Crossgate Road recycling centre reopened over two weeks ago after being closed due to the coronavirus crisis - although strict social distancing measures are now in place.

Residents took to social media to share how long they have waited to use the tip over weeks.

One Facebook user said: "I’ve waited two hours each trip this week." Another resident said it took him two hours.

Another resident said they waiting from 7am in the morning for the tip to open at 8am - but still didn't get in until after 9am.

One resident said: "I only waited 30 minutes or so last week."

Two people also said they would be holding onto their rubbish in their garden for a bit longer to avoid the rush.

Worcestershire County Council confirmed earlier in the month that the number of vehicles visiting reopened recycling centres will be limited, and warned queues and delays would be likely.

Social distancing measures at the sites will mean that staff cannot provide assistance, so visitors are asked to ensure they are able to unload waste unaided.