EXTRA CCTV cameras have been installed at Worcestershire Royal Hospital following a spate of recent thefts.

Worcester City Council’s Community Safety team joined forces with West Mercia Police to install the extra cameras at the hospital after a number of thefts from nurses’ cars while they worked.

Thieves stole catalytic converters, which contain precious metals, from the cars when they were parked in the hospital’s car park on Sunday 5 April.

“It beggars belief that anyone could target NHS staff in such a despicable way at a time when they are working so hard to protect local people’s health,” said Ann Nicholls, who works for the City Council’s Community Safety team.

“We have now installed additional CCTV cameras at the hospital car park – we will do whatever is necessary to track down culprits who target NHS staff in such a callous way.”

A spokesman for Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said about the thefts: “This was a thoughtless act impacting those that are working above and beyond to help those who are ill and it potentially impacts them being able to travel to and from work to look after people when we need them the most.”

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The Police are continuing their investigation in to last weekend’s incident.

Detective Inspector Jack Taylor said: “I can reassure the victims and the wider public that we are fully investigated this incident and that our officers are working hard to protect the whole community from such crimes."

Anyone with information is urged to call 101, quoting incident number 204s 5th April 2020.