The City of Hereford Rotary Club is trying to help patients in hospital, who are no longer able to have visitors.

Visiting to all hospitals in Herefordshire has been stopped in response to coronavirus, meaning they can no longer see their loved ones in person.

It has lead to the rotary club launching an appeal for people to donate essential items that patients might now not have access to.

“This is clearly a difficult time for both patients and their loved ones," said club president Katie Farmer.

“We know the staff are helping everyone keep in touch, through a variety of technologies, but the lack of visiting means that patients are not receiving essential supplies of toiletries, tissues etc.

Club members are working with the Co-Op in Bobblestock who have agreed to have a collection box for donations for patients.

These are the things patients are most in need of, such as tissues, wipes, soap, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes and shaving foam.

“If you would like to give a small luxury item such as a bar of chocolate or hand cream, we are sure that these would be most appreciated during these difficult times,” added Katie Farmer.

“The rotary club will be arranging for donations to be delivered safely to our hospital."