STAFF at Morrisons are to helping to restock local food banks during the coronavirus outbreak thanks to additional deliveries of extra food produced by the supermarket's food making sites and distributing more food from its store.

Morrisons is pumping £10 million into running its bakery, egg and fruit and veg packing site for an extra hour every day to make, prepare and pack food required to restock the food banks. 

The staff at the supermarket's Davies Road branch are also receiving deliveries of canned goods and pasta to give to their local food banks and worthy causes.

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The food donated to the store will be distributed to food banks by the local Morrisons community champion, Theresa.

A spokesman said: "Local food banks, a critical source of food for the most vulnerable in our communities, are suffering badly during the current crisis, as donations have dried up rapidly over the last two weeks and demand has increased.

 "In addition, to make it easier for customers to donate to food banks in store, purchase limits on items will be raised to four items (from three) and some removed altogether. Morrisons will create ‘local’ drop off points for customers to donate products to those in need and a donation hub will collect these additional products for their local food banks and to the needy."

Theresa said: “We know food banks are finding life very difficult and running our manufacturing sites for an extra hour each day to help restock them is the right decision at this time.