SIR – What kind of people are behind the COVID 19 being spread so rapidly?

When we go out to the market for shopping, when we go to the bank for daily banking, we do not see any PPE (masks and gloves) being worn by the people, whom serving the local community, although they provide services to thousands of people of a daily basis. Now think about it, how COVID 19 is being spread so rapidly?

We are those people whom are not taking COVID 19 seriously, but, providing services to thousands of people at supermarkets, banks, etc. We are not abiding by the Government’s guidance, but, imposing it onto the public.

Everyone keeps saying to follow the two-metre social distancing, what a joke! They are only saying it for the sake of it, but, not really doing anything about it. Where are their PPE?

Finally, I want to say to the people providing services to our local community, if they take COVID 19 seriously, i.e wear correct PPE, only then, the local community will follow suit.

I think COVID 19 is spreading more from the people providing services to the local community.

Mazedul Hasan Shakil