A LUDLOW man has expressed some concern about the instruction from the Government that those aged over 70 should self-isolate in order to reduce the risk of their getting the Corvid-19 virus.

Professor Russell Cheng thinks that people need to put the added risk that comes with the passing years into context.

He is also unsure about how people will cope with having to isolate themselves for a long period of time that could be many weeks or even months.

“On a selfish personal note, as an oldster, I am not sure if I am totally happy about cringing away in self-isolation for possibly up to two years of what remains of my life,” said Mr Cheng.

“One has to be careful in comparing the mortality rate of the one-off risk that is covid-19 with more general annual mortality rates. I have a much higher risk of death if I contracted covid-17 compared with those younger.

“But I am also much more likely to succumb to any number of ailments that old age brings. The relative overall increase in combining the two mortality rates, seems no higher than the relative increase for other age groups.

“I understand of course the main reason why the government suggests self-isolation of the aged. But perhaps we oldsters should simply get on with it and enjoy life for as long as fate allows.

“As an acquaintance puts it: if you are on the Titanic there is no point going steerage class.”

Figures from experts suggest that age is a major risk factor with this coronavirus.

Statistics from China show that nearly 15 per cent of people over 80 who get the virus are likely to die.