HEREFORD Leisure Pool is set to be closed for at least two months after flooding caused extensive damage to vital machinery.

Ross Swimming Pool also remains closed, but should reopen to the public in less than two weeks.

Hereford Leisure Pool

The entire centre in St Martin’s Avenue is closed and Halo Leisure, which operates the site and others across Herefordshire, is not able to estimate when it will reopen after Storm Dennis.

Malvern Gazette:

Damage was caused by flood water to Hereford Leisure Pool in the wake of Storm Dennis. Picture: Halo Leisure

“Following the unprecedented flooding earlier this month, surveyors and engineers are working hard to reinstate power and services to Hereford Leisure Pool,” a Halo Leisure spokesperson said.

“At this time the entire centre remains closed and we are not able to provide an estimated date for reopening just yet although we have been told we will be closed for at least a further eight weeks.

“Damage caused to the pool plant and electrical installation is extensive, requiring specialist expertise to bring it back into service.

“Although we’re working on a temporary solution involving temporary power and heating supplies, this will not be in place for some time.

“Our staff and contractors are working hard to resolve this issue and importantly to safeguard the centre against future similar issues.”

They added anyone who pays for swimming lessons will not be left out of pocket, and no direct debit payments will be taken until the centre reopens.

Ross Swimming Pool

Malvern Gazette:

Ross Swimming Pool was also flooded

Flooding has also affected Ross Swimming Pool, and it’s hoped it might be able to reopen on Monday, March 9, if not sooner.

“To get Ross Swimming Pool open, our engineers are installing pumps this Friday (February 28), to replace the ones which were fully submerged in river water.

“We will then very carefully bring the pool up to its correct operating temperature over several days, following which there are a number of safety precautions which we must take to ensure the pool water is absolutely safe for our customers.

“We intend to open for public swimming and lessons by Monday, March 9 and will open sooner if we can do so safely.”

The gym at the centre in Kyrle Street has already reopened following flooding in February.