A DRUNK from Worcester assaulted his partner and two police officers on Boxing Day while smashing up her house. Magistrates in the city heard how Thomas Fincher had been drinking with the victim on when an argument broke out between them after they got home.

During the argument, Fincher started kicking things in her house, smashing a decorative seashell ornament being used as a doorstop. At this point, the victim attempted to leave the house and Fincher followed her into street.

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She ran back and got into the house in an attempt to lock him out, but he forced his hand through the door and came back into the house after her.

He then followed her upstairs where she attempted to hide in her bedroom, but he instead sat on top of her legs so she could not move, pulling her head towards him.

Prosecutor Rhiannon Lucas told the court this was in an “attempt to kiss her and calm her down. “At this point she tried to pull away and there was a clash of cheeks resulting in bruising to the complainant.” Eventually, police constables Young and Edwards arrived to find Fincher sat on the floor, the victim on the other side of the room. PC Young placed his hand on Fincher’s shoulder, who told him to stop touching him. At this point he grabbed the leg of PC Young, who was trying to get him out of the house.

Fincher, of Astwood Road, lunged towards PC Young, grabbing his leg and trying to push him to the floor, leading to PC Edwards trying to help her colleague. She shouted at him to let go of PC Young’s leg and radioed for assistance. PC Young used pava spray on Fincher.

The officers removed Fincher from the house where he continued shouting abuse at the officers including “Where are you blud?” and swearing at them.

The court heard how 25 year-old Fincher had been out with the victim on the day the offence happened and was drunk during the assaults. Fincher has previous convictions for assaulting a police officer in 2010, criminal damage in 2011 and battery in 2012.

His most recent offence came in 2019 and was for resisting arrest. Representing Fincher, Mark Turnbull told the court: “He does have previous convictions however you will notice the first was in 2010 in youth court along with the 2011 case.

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"It shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say his latter teenage years were not easy, he was having problems with education and at home.

"He has got some difficulties in terms of mental health, he is on medication for anxiety and depression, suffering with a sense of paranoia which leads to him withdrawing from group situations and from other people.

"He tends to avoid conflict because he knows from experience his reaction is one of fight or flight, which is very much what seems to have happened here.”

Mr Turnbull added Fincher had said he was “disgusted” with his actions and had apologised to both officers and the victim.

Fincher pleaded guilty to criminal damage, two assaults by beating on an emergency worker and one assault by beating.

Chair of the bench Sarah Murray handed Fincher a 12-month community order with 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

She also warned Fincher if he does not turn up to his probation meetings, he will be back in court.

The court heard he was not fit for unpaid work, so they instead ordered him to pay £355 in addition to £100 compensation to each of the three victims.