A MAN who lost everything when flooding hit Herefordshire still found time to help his neighbours escape the rising waters.

Craig Allan, who lives and works at the River Wye Caravan Park in Symonds Yat West, near Ross-on-Wye waded through waist-deep flood water to help others.

The 30-year-old said water rose at an alarming rate when the river Wye burst its banks on Monday and caused "astronomical" damage.

Malvern Gazette:

"I've lost pretty much everything, my home, my shed, my tools, my mowers, it's all gone," he said.

"The only thing I can thank is that everyone got out of there alive.

"It just came up so fast, within two hours we were up to our knees in water. In my shed it was six foot I believe, between five and six foot. It was in everything, literally everything."

Mr Allan helped fire crews rescue residents from a nearby caravan site, and was also on hand when Whitchurch House care home was evacuated.

"We went out with the fire brigade because we've got a big JCB here," he added.

"We were rescuing people with the JCB, just trying to get them out of the holiday park over the other side.

"There were elderly people over there, I even had to rescue my own dad. Me and my colleagues, there was a few of us, we were just trying to help as best we could.

"The emergency services didn't have a boat here, they were all out on other jobs rescuing people all over Herefordshire and into Worcestershire."

People from all over the country went to help, including gardeners from Liverpool and retired firefighters from Yorkshire, Sussex and London.

Mr Allan said he can't praise the volunteers enough, and it brought a tear to his eye to think there are still people out there who really care.

The group were looked after by the nearby Old Court Hotel.