FLOODS have hit Worcester for a second time just as people and businesses were starting to recover.

Just days after people fled their homes from some of the worst flooding in the city in recent years, water once again poured into Croft Street and Hylton Road.

There was heavy traffic congestion, particularly in St John's, as the city's main bridge was closed to allow a contraflow system to be set up along New Road - while almost simultaneously the Carrington Bridge had to be shut due to a 'serious crash'.

The flooding came on rapidly, with those parked in car parks beside the river warned to move their vehicles or risk them being stranded.

Within thirty minutes water had consumed many of the city's car parks, leaving firefighters having to try to help those whose cars were stranded in water.

The car parks will be closed again today, including, Cattlemarket, Croft Road, Newport Street, Pitchcroft or Tybridge Street.

River levels were expected to rise overnight with Hylton Road and Tybridge Road expected to remain closed today. Sabrina footbridge and Diglis footbridge will also both be closed.

And residents in Worcestershire, who live near to the River Severn, have been warned that further flooding is expected today as the knock-on effect of rainfall in Wales last weekend is felt in Worcestershire.

Officers from West Mercia Police and Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service have advised residents flooded before in Hylton Road and Diglis to consider leaving their homes as river levels were not expected to peak until today or tomorrow.

However, Dawn Turner, from Severn Terrace, said morale was high.

Ms Turner said: "Most neighbours are staying put.

"They have seen floods like this before and are hoping it doesn't enter the houses.

"We've stocked up on food and emergency supplies, just in case we get stuck.

"The general feeling here is 'what will be, will be.'"

Police also checked on residents in Powick, yesterday, although the latest information suggests that this area is not currently expected to flood again.

Superintendent Mark Colquhoun from West Mercia Police, speaking on behalf of the multi-agency flood response, said: “We would advise that people in the local area whose properties are potentially at risk of flooding to consider making alternative accommodation arrangements as it is likely water levels will continue to rise.

“Safety remains our absolute priority and as such we are keeping a very close eye on the river levels in Worcestershire. We have officers in the towns speaking to residents who live near to the river.”

According to the Environment Agency, the level of the Severn, recorded in Barbourne, Worcester, was 5.40m yesterday. Flooding is possible once the level reaches 3.35m. The level is predicted to peak today between 5.6m and 5.9m - a similar level as seen last week.

At Diglis, the levels were 4.88m considerably higher than the 2.80m that is required to cause flooding in this area - and are expected to reach 5.1m to 5.4m today.

In Upton, flooding is possible when the river reaches 4.40m, the latest recording shows the levels were at 5.08m - and they are expected to reach between 5.5m and 5.8m tomorrow.

Hanley Castle High School will be closed today and tomorrow.

In an email to parents, the school confirmed that they would close for the next two days.

The email said: “We are particularly concerned about the safety of the homeward journey on Wednesday and all journeys on Thursday.

"Having consulted with our transport providers we have taken the difficult decision to close the school."

Police say anyone with concerns can be reported to police on 101 and anyone in Worcester who does not have any alternative arrangements available should call 01905 722233.