Name of Business: New Salsa Dance Company

Address: 174 Worcester Road , Bromsgrove B61 7AY

Telephone: 07779686679


Social Media: John-James JJ

Opening Hours: 24/7

Who are you? My Name is John-James I am a Latin American dance performer, teacher, choreographer, judge, panellist, commentator, presenter & Strictly Come Dancing expert for the BBC

Tell us about your business: I am a qualified psychotherapist. Prior to launching my dance company, I was treating clients and training people to become therapists.

During this time I learnt to perform a dance called salsa and I did well in a number of international competitions including one at The Salsa Cafe, in Havana, Cuba, which brought me to the attention of the dance world.

I was constantly asked if I could teach so I enrolled on a dance instructor course at The Latin American School of Dance and to top up my psychotherapy skills I attended a "breaking the cycle of depression without drugs " seminar.

The sage on the stage said: "To help your clients, who present with depression, you need to get them out of their home. Get them exercising, while having fun, involve music, encourage them to meet new people, now we will break for coffee!"

I looked down at my writing pad and noticed that I had been doodling "salsa salsa salsa" this gave me an idea to set up a dance class to help my clients overcome depression, addictions, anxiety, build confidence etc.

Initially I was hesitant to launch a dance company because I knew it would affect my psychotherapy practice - it is important to be congruent.

However when I looked at all other salsa type dance classes available in the Midlands at the time, I realised that there was a gap in the market for a fun, well instructed, dance class with the focus on progression, fulfilment and fun --- and New Salsa was launched.

Now more than 10 years later it has developed into so much more, with people travelling from all over the UK for fun group classes and social salsa freestyle in Bromsgrove. Beginners to professional dance performers regularly attend personal dance masterclasses at a state of the art dance studio.

John-James regularly performs at restaurants, theatres, schools, festivals etc & in connection with Strictly Come Dancing is invited on shows by the BBC as an expert

How did you decide on the name? All my separate businesses start with the word New (it stands for North East Worcestershire ) but it has a fresh feel

Who works there? Myself and many fabulous helpers and fantastic dance partners

Who are your customers? Absolutely anyone is welcome to attend my classes (provided they want to learn to dance and have fun). I also perform an evening of dance at restaurants schools and theatres

What's your most memorable / proudest moment in business? Choreographing a theatre show at a 5 star resort in Mexico

Have you had any strange/ quirky suggestions or stories from customers? I have been asked to deliver salsa dance classes at a funeral (on two separate occasions ) they were unexpectedly, hugely successful and an escaped prisoner was arrested while watching our salsa dance class in The Tardibigge Pub

What are your ambitions for the future? To help produce a dance related film or play.

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