ON the letters page December 2, the photo below the heading "NHS is not safe in their hands" is inappropriate.

The front line staff work beyond belief. Without their dedication the NHS would be in a bigger mess than it already is. Over the last three months my wife has been seen by Opthalmic specialists, Parkinson's specialists, heart and breathing consultants and Gynaecologists.

Without exception she has been treated with kindness and consideration. Consultants often working late to see all their waiting patients. She required surgery and was admitted. Met by a Matron as they were short of staff.

The Surgeon came to discuss her procedure, explaining that she could not have general anaesthetic but he would proceed on the understanding that should he or she encounter problems he would stop.

We returned to the ward after two hours to find her sat up in bed having had a cup of tea. She says that the Surgeon and two nurses, who were holding her hands in case her tremor took over, were talking to her throughout the surgery.

At 7 o'clock the Surgeon said she could go home. Perhaps he saw that the traffic jam had cleared.

We have experienced hospital treatment abroad in a private clinic, the treatment she received was on a par with that-first rate.

To Mr Moran and his staff and Matron Lyn and her staff a very tremendous thank you. Matron Lyn commenced at 7 am and did not expect to get home until after 10 in the evening.

That is dedication, that is our NHS.

Problems start with governments and works through poor management.

Governments say they pour funding into the NHS where does it go to? Not to front lines!

Graham Russell