ONE thing caught my attention while covering the recent floods; the way our communities come together during stressful times.

I was out and about and this weekend I met one man who had been helping people get hold of sandbags, and at a caravan park, the manager told me when the water levels were rising, the owner of the property next to the park let them park their cars on their land to keep them safe.

The park manager described his neighbour as ‘good as gold’ for this simple kindness which made a huge difference.

The day also filled me with admiration for the emergency workers who we are so lucky to have.

I met fire and rescue officers in wading gear up to their elbows conducting safe and well visits to people in a block of flats that were surrounded by water. They told me they had evacuated a number of people from the flats the day before, whom they were worried about which included people that are low on prescription medication and those with illnesses.

The officers had then returned to make sure everyone else was ok and to offer information on the floods, answering any questions. It is nice to know they are there to be a friendly re-assurance to people, that elderly people who are on their own have someone checking on them, ensuring they have enough food and their homes are safe.

And while there have been accidents and homes that have been affected, the services have been there to get people out of trouble.

I met a man whose back garden was flooded and he told me the police had been round to offer support.

The advice they are still driving home is to not take any risks. Do not drive through any water you are not sure about.

Not to forget the 4x4 drivers offering their help and the postman who waded through water to carry out his rounds.

The story does not always have to be negative.

While some media platforms might seek to shock the audience with shots of devastation and anger, of people up to their knees in water surrounded by what is left of their homes, I was very proud to cover a community that is staying positive and sticking together.