BAREGRILLZ, in Brindley Road, Worcester, is a Mediterranean restaurant which describes itself as a healthy eat in and take out Mediterranean Grill.

The restaurant boasts a menu including foods like wraps and pittas filled with healthy grilled lean chicken and sauce or fresh salmon, together with halloumi strips, hummus, mixed olives, rice and bulgar wheat.

The restaurant also offers a quick and easy, 3-step ‘Build Your Own Lunch Box’, where customers can choose some protein, a carbohydrate option and salad or vegetables.

There are also vegetarian and vegan options and children’s meals too.

Luca Gabriel, who set up the restaurant, said the key is being different and offering an alternative.

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He said: “I got the opportunity to set this place up and wanted it to be a bit different because the choice always seemed to be either have something really unhealthy from a takeaway or have something which is healthy but uninspiring.

“We want to show that you can do both, you can have healthy food which is also good food.

“In some of the burger chains, for example, you can get a burger which is 1,000 calories and more than your daily recommended fat intake, but here we have a patty which is only 300.

“Everything we do here we want to be transparent and open, that is why we are having our menus updated so they show the fat and carbohydrate content in our food.”

This year marks a year in business for BareGrillz and for 2020, the management is adding new choices to the menu including signature wraps, pittas and burgers, all with an authentic Greek focus.

A new app will also be introduced to make ordering simpler and quicker.

Earlier this year, BareGrillz celebrated winning a prestigious Gold standard from Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) as part of its Healthier Choices Scheme (HCS).

In addition, BareGrillz also received a level 5 in food hygiene.

Mr Gabriel added: “The awards tie in with what we say about being open with everyone, and we get our own person in every three months to test us because you can wait the three years for the next exam but you tend to forget so we get someone in off our own bat who gives us a top up and keeps the standards high.

“We train all our new staff and check everyone routinely so we are always on our toes.”