A POLISH delegation marked Remembrance Sunday for the first time at Worcester Cathedral, bringing a community leader to tears as he laid a wreath for his fallen countrymen.

Polish people stood shoulder-to-shoulder with British veterans on Sunday at the service as they commemorated together the sacrifices made in past wars and conflicts. Thousands gathered to honour the fallen across Worcestershire with Worcester Cathedral acting as a focal point for the act of Remembrance.

Tomasz Wisniewski, chief executive officer at Worcestershire Polish Association, described the part Polish people played in the ceremony as a 'historic moment for our community' and said he was moved to tears.

He said: "We felt incredible pride, because for the first time in history after my efforts we were invited to the Cathedral with the Polish flag and standard and we were invited to the Guildhall, and to the Royal British Legion Ex-Servicemen's Club to celebrate together Remembrance Sunday and Polish Independence Day.

"Personally, I was very touched by being present in the Cathedral, shoulder to shoulder with our allies. I also put a Polish wreath at the monument. In the pictures you can see that I was crying.

"Lots of people gave me a hand saying that they are very happy that they finally see the Polish Flag here. About 50 people stopped me that day and said they were very happy to see the Polish flag and Polish friends. It was very touching moment.

"It was also touching because on the Saturday before Remembrance Sunday, for the first time in 75 years, the Polish effort was recognised in the war and at Monte Cassino. It was at the ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall in London."

Mr Wisniewski shared the moment with a friend, Colonel Otton Hulacki, who is almost 100 years old and fought at Monte Cassino. Polish independence is marked on November 11.

National Independence Day, constituted in 1937 was only celebrated twice before World War II when Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland in September 1939.

Mr Wisniewski wished to thank The Worcester Mayors Office(Civic Office) and The Royal British Legion for their support.