AFTER reports of burglaries and an increase in suspicious activity in the Battenhall and St Peter’s areas, Worcester News readers have voiced their concerns.

Battenhall ward city councillor Louis Stephen says there were three burglaries over the weekend.

While Sebright Avenue resident Becki Smith posted on social media about a group of four men snooping around gardens and cars – which prompted Cllr Stephen to contact the police about the “spike in crime”.

Mrs Smith said the four men climbed over the wall onto her drive from a neighbour’s property and, after being spotted, were disturbed by her husband on Friday evening,

The resident reports that police officers have been doing door-to-door checks in the area, collecting CCTV.

The burglaries are understood to have happened in St Peter’s, one on Friday and another on Saturday night, with a further break-in in Timberdine on Saturday.

The Worcester News approached West Mercia Police for more information but nobody responded to our request for a comment.

Following our story, resident John Jordan said on social media: “I was burgled earlier this year – never even had a visit from the police.

“I know they are busy but surely every crime is worth investigating to find trends and patterns of criminal behaviour.

“Could be the same people doing these burglaries who feel it’s a very low risk crime.”

Charlie Freeman said: “My partner had their car wing mirror ripped or kicked off a couple of nights ago. Mindless vandalism.”

Residents in the road told us on Monday that the area was generally quiet although one resident said that after someone stole money from their kitchen a few years ago, they increased their security.

In February 2017 police investigated a number of burglaries in Battenhall and Nunnery and in one a large amount of jewellery was stolen in Bath Road.

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