ALMOST 400 people have responded to a plan to build a new McDonald’s in the city with the majority calling for it to be rejected.

The fast food giants want to open its third restaurant at the site of the former Harvester pub in Droitwich Road in Worcester.

Hundreds have spoken out against the plan saying a new McDonald’s should not be built near a school and would attract more litter and anti-social behaviour.

Many also raised concerns about more traffic on an already busy roundabout and questioned why another McDonald’s was needed when there is already a restaurant a mile and a half away in Blackpole.

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The consultation on the plan was due to end in July but was extended until today (October 8) because of the huge response.

Objector Stephen Wright of Checketts Court said it was “fundamentally wrong” for McDonald’s to cherry pick a route that would be used by hundreds of children daily.

He said a new restaurant would bring “intolerable” levels of noise and litter.

Anthony Bowen, also of Checketts Court, said: “This community cannot claim to care about our children’s health and well-being by allowing an addictive fast food chain to open next to a new primary school.

“I urge the council to consider carefully this decision at a time when opinions are changing rapidly. As attitudes shift, the council may find itself very soon regretting allowing a McDonald’s restaurant to open opposite a primary school, and in the face of so much opposition from the local community.”

A petition against the new McDonald’s by Councillor James Stanley, who represents Claines ward where the proposed fast food restaurant would sit, attracted more than 1,680 signatures.

Cllr Stanley said the new McDonald’s would be “inappropriate” for the area. Cllr Andy Stafford, who also represents Claines ward, said the former Harvester site was a “very bad location” for a new McDonald’s and fast food restaurants should not be built outside schools and youth centres.

Kate Brunt, chief executive of The Rivers CE Academy Trust which runs neighbouring North Worcester Primary Academy, previously said the impact on her students “should not be ignored.”

The new primary school, which opened last month, would only be a short walk away from the proposed McDonald’s.

Worcester City Council’s planning committee is due to meet on November 21 to make a decision.