A PUBLIC-spirited tenant support group in Wyre Forest has disbanded after decades of helping residents living in social housing.

The Tenants Federation, a group of volunteers set up to monitor the services of landlords on behalf of tenants, has dissolved after 25 years.

The group, which comprised of 22 individual teams based in areas of Wyre Forest, worked to advise tenants and help them resolve issues with The Community Housing Group, who funded their meetings.

The team have now had to close their HQ at Coniston House, on Hurcott Road in Horsefair, due to funding issues.

Only one out of the 22 tenant groups is set to continue running after the Bewdley community group decided to self-fund their service.

The Tenants Federation supported fun days and events hosted by The Community Housing Group, and have raised funds for Wyre Forest charities and schools.

Chairperson Julie Ann Morris said: "It's a huge thing that we did for the areas we looked after, and an even bigger shame for our members that we have to come to a close."

Vice Chairperson Roger Coleman, who represented tenants from Broadwaters, said: " It's very sad for the tenants. We are all disappointed but at the end of the day, we knew it was going to come."

The group also say the The Community Housing Group has moved onto using digital platforms to deal with tenant issues.

Bryn Cobley, who represented Habberley tenants said: "We did it because we are public-spirited. It's sad really because we've been going on for 25 years and it's just come to an abrupt end. You have to remember that a number of elderly people in Kidderminster do not have access to technology."

Ray Brookes, The Community Housing Group Chief Executive, said: “I would like to thank The Tenants Federation for their support which has been insightful and helpful and has helped to shape the way we deliver services.

"Receiving feedback from our customers is really important to us. However, we know that not everyone has the time to attend meetings and over the past few years, membership of tenant groups has dropped significantly.

"We now receive most of the feedback about our services through digital platforms such as surveys and online focus groups from residents of all ages.

"To help those who still want to have their say but are not as confident on a computer we offer free courses so that they can remain involved."