AN extremely rare silver medieval brooch has been unearthed in a field near Bromsgrove.

Stephen Grey, part of the Bromsgrove based metal detecting club The Clodhoppers, was enjoying his hobby when he discovered the rare find - even though the area had been walked over by several other metal detectorists.

Stephen said: “At one point in the rally, there was a lot of activity in the corner of the field.

"I slowly made my way over to where four medieval hammered coins had been found. I got a signal with my metal detector that told me it was a nail or something similar.

"Most people would not have dug it, but something told me to dig it, as the area had already proven productive. That’s when I discovered this wonderful brooch, with a bit of iron rust next to it.”

Fellow detectorists were stunned at the perfect condition of the brooch, which is believed to be from the 14th century.

A silver brooch would have been worn by a noble person and was used to fasten capes.

Under the Treasure Act of 1996, the brooch is classified as “Treasure” and has been declared to Warwickshire and Worcestershire Finds Liaison Officer, Angie Bolton, to be identified and recorded.